What Women Really Want in Bed

Getting a woman can be an easy task. Now that you've got her, do you know what are her needs and wants? If you want your woman to look at you as a confident, smart, attention-giving guy, then you better buck up with your knowledge on luring the lady in bed.


Women are gentle creatures. The feminine side of them stays with them wherever they go and this is the X factor those women posses. In fact, it is the reason why men are attracted to women! They are soft, gentle-like creatures.


Because of this nature in women, it is necessary that as a guy, he understands the needs of the lady. Forcing her or making her feel subservient to their partner's pleasure is definitely a no-no. Have you thought that maybe, she was just putting up with it, just to keep the relationship steady?


However, complete sexual honesty is not really a trade that should be encouraged. It can cause misunderstanding and unhappiness in the relationship or marriage.


What a woman really wants is for the man to say the right things at the right time. Easier said than done, though. Look into her eyes and tell her that she is nice, and really mean it. It doesn't matter if it is the 1st night or the 21st year. She likes to be told again and again about how nice she is in bed.


It is also about the connection you have with her. Tell her about how much you missed her while you were at work. Do not over exaggerate but instead give honest comments and lead her to a mushy conversation.


People usually mistook the idea of being intimate as being sexual. It is actually not true. Getting intimate in bed would also include to listening to her talking, laughing with her, asking her questions, and look interested to answer her. If you have problems, confide in her and after which, tell her how much you appreciate her listening to you.


Hugging is the best way to show your love and care for her. Women loves men who can give them comfort and protection, and the act of hugging is already a form of indication of your eagerness to protect and love her. Throw in a few kisses at times to keep the mood high. Learn some of the places where your lady loves to be kissed. It can be pretty handy!


Once the mood is right, the foreplay is an important and crucial part of the lovemaking experience. Want to spice up your love life? Then begin with the basics of foreplay, such that you are able to heighten pleasure.


Let her know that she is wanted for more than just sex and that she is cared about as a woman. It is one of the reasons that can really turn her on.

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