Top 5 foreplay tips for Men

Tip 1: Find out what truly turns your partner on during foreplay and devote more time stimulating her through foreplay. Women really respond to oral stimulation and by taking them further during foreplay, they need less time during actual lovemaking.


Tip 2: Your thoughts will help determine your outcome. If you are thinking that you will climax too soon, you probably will. Should you focus and think you are going to last for an extended period, you will. You must start thinking in a positive manner instead of a negative one.


Tip 3: Discover the sexual postures where you can last the longest, such as, having the partner on top and you below could work the most effectively. You should be able to focus on your thinking instead of physical activity. It allows you to grab the partner by the waist and manage the speed of the action as well.


Tip 4: When you are in control of the motion of intercourse, treat your breathing techniques the same as how you manage during lifting weights. You want to breathe while going in and exhale while moving out. By focusing on your breathing, it helps take away other thinkings. 

Tip 5: Just like anything you become proficient at…practice, practice, and practice. Don't treat sex much like the "big game." Be clear with your partner and work/cooperate together to practice different methods and techniques with the understanding that it will take time to Last Longer In Bed.


When you treat intercourse similar to a practice, it requires the expectations of a great performance away and permits you to perform with less pressure. If you take away the pressures, it is possible to focus on good thoughts and you also find new and fun methods.

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