The Wolf – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Wolf – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position



v     The man is positioned behind the woman. Both are standing.


v     The woman leans forward, her partner penetrates her.



v     Enlaces your partner in extending your torso against her back to increase the contact area


v     Stimulate the clitoris and the breasts of your partner using your hands to increase her pleasure.



v     You change the angle of penetration and friction for more intense sensations.


v     To facilitate and extend the position, resting on a support depending on where you are located (edge of the bed, coffee table, stool …)



v     Excitation important for both partners do not face (exacerbates fantasies).


v     Deep penetration and deep causing intense feelings.


v     Ideal for pregnant women and people of high body mass



v     Too deep penetration can cause vaginal pain.


v     This position requires that the partners are of relatively similar size.



Position wolf can respond to many positions such as positions of the greyhound, the swing and the bee.

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