The Willow – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Willow – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position



v     The man kneels on the bed, straightened bust.


v     The woman sits on him in a squatting position, face to face, her legs wrapping those of her partner.


v     Man tipping forward, his partner who will then perform pelvic movements.



Feel free to change the position of hands for your support.



v     To undulate her pelvis movement more quickly without losing balance, the woman may use one of her hands as support against the ground or the quilt and the other to grip the neck of his partner.


v     It will maintain its companion in the back.



v     Ideal position to move from a standing position to a lying position without stopping penetration


v     Body contact is important.


v     position is affectionate and sensual



v     Position would require some athletic force and requiring a good ability control premature exhaustion.


v     This position can be quite uncomfortable.


v     Not the ideal position for overweight people who are, or during pregnancy.



The position of willow can respond to many positions as the positions of the pillar, the courtesan, reed, and butterfly.

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