The Wheel – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Wheel – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position




v     The woman lies on her back.


v     The man above his partner lies between her legs and penetrates.


v     Man then goes in three steps; pivot on his penis to make a rotation of 360 ° around its partner.





v     For more fun, take time to achieve this position and mark a sensual poses at each stage, stroking and kissing each of the accessible parts of the body of your partner.




v     To stimulate advantage of your partner, do each step of movement of small ponds and hips.




v     Position is original and fun.


v     Sensations are very varied and surprising.


v     All parts of the body can be affected by the caresses




v     The position can be complicated to implement (several attempts are necessary before successful without the penis escapes from the vagina).


v     Movements remain limited.



The position of the wheel can respond at many positions as the positions of the reed, the tiger, bamboo, and the lotus.

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