The Tree – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Tree – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position



v     The woman lies on her back and folded his legs against his belly.


v     The man pushed her thighs while standing on knees.


v     Woman raises one of her feet against the plexus or the chest of his partner and the second spot on the side.


v     The man enters, leaning forward and compressing one of the legs of his partner.



v     For more stability in back and forth action, hold firmly by your partner's knees and feet.


v     Observe the reactions of your partner and give your movements on her sighs. One of your hands will be released to caress your partner and get better gaming experience.



v     To increase compression and improve the sensations, you cling to your partner's legs and pull them toward you.


v     For the more comfortable position, place your head on the edge of the bed. This will allow you to stretch your neck and to be less compressed.



v     Deep penetration resulting in intense sensations.


v     Compression of the penis from the vagina increases the fun.



v     Face-to-face and posture make this position particularly exciting.



v     Too deep penetration can cause vaginal pain.


v     Freedom of movement of women is small and can be a nuisance.


v     position requiring flexibility.

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