The Stem – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Stem – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position



v     The woman lies on her back and folded his legs against his belly.


v     The man pushed her thighs while standing on knees.


v     The Woman raises one foot on the shoulder of her partner and the second place on his opposite forearm.



v     For more stability in back and forth action, your partner holds firmly by the leg and buttock.


v     Observe the reactions of your partner and vary the speed and depth of the comings and goings for more intense sensations.


v     For convenience and comfort, place a few pillows in the buttocks of your partner, so it does not have to lift it.



v     Keep legs tight as much as possible to increase your pleasure and your partner.



v     Face-to-face and posture make this position particularly exciting for both partners.


v     Penetration deep and profound causes intense feelings.



v     Position would require some athletic force and requiring a good ability of muscle pain premature exhaustion.


v     Caresses are limited.



The position of the stem may carry many positions like the missionary position, the anvil of the oyster, and the star of bamboo.

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