The Overlap – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Overlap – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


v     The man lies on his back.


v     The woman is positioned on top of him and places her legs around his thighs and folding.



v     Fondling hands with your erogenous zones (buttocks, breasts, clitoris …) to increase pleasure and stimulate desire.


v     Exert slight movements of tanks vertically to amplify the movement.



v     Change the speed of the comings and goings and exercise movements; basically the vertical and horizontal to vary the stimulation and sensations.


v     If your hair is long, play with them dragging on the chest of your partner to boost its excitement.



v     Great freedom of movement for the couple.

v     Face to face, the couple can see and embrace.

v     Man can reach all parts of the body of his partner and stimulate them with caresses.



v     Position held too long may cause small painful joints at the knees.

v     Not the ideal position for overweight people who are, or during pregnancy.



Position of overlap may respond to numerous positions such as position of the goddess, the pillar of Yin & Yang of the frog, Andromache.


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