The Missionary – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Missionary – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


v     The woman lies on her back.


v     The man above his partner lies between her legs and penetrates.



v     Place a pillow under hips of your partner to change the angle of penetration and increase the fun.


v     Wear your weight on your arm to avoid overwriting your partner.


v     Pat with your hands erogenous zones (breasts, buttocks, lower abdomen …) and the sex of your partner during the act to amplify the excitement.



v     To genital stimulation more effectively, bend your knees and bring them to your shoulders.



v     Great freedom of movement for man.

v     Body contact is important.

v     Ease of implementation.

v     Face to face, the couple can see and embrace.



v     Little freedom of movement for women.

v     Less incentive for women than for men.

v     Not the ideal position for corpulent people, or during pregnancy.



The missionary position may carry out many positions including the positions of the reed, the tiger, bamboo, lotus.

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