The Magpie – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position



 The Magpie – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


v     The man sits on a chair, legs slightly apart.


v     The woman sits on him, face to face, guiding the penis into her vagina.


v     Woman rests on the ground with the toes of her feet and carries back and forth up and down and / or fore and aft.



v     Chock you to the bottom of your chair to maintain a good position.


v     To increase the pleasure of your partner stimulate her breast with your lips do not forget to pat his back, hips and buttocks



v     To increase your pleasure and your partner waving your pool during the position.



v     Body contact is important and sensual.


v     Comfortable and convenient to perform in many places.


v     Deep penetration and strong stimulation of the clitoris cause intense sensations



v     Little freedom of movement


v     Stimulation attenuated for humans (even if the movement is stronger than for the position of the goddess)



The position of the pie may carry out many positions such as position of the lovers; the union suspended the mill wheel, and the Yin & Yang.

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