The Frog – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Frog – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position



v     The man lies on his back, legs slightly open.


v     The woman lies on him, face to face, opening the legs slightly to wedge her feet into those of partner.


v     The two bodies stimulate undulating laterally and horizontally



v     Take the woman by the waist for guide her, maintaining balance and offer a faster pace.


v     The neck and ears are two particularly sensitive areas. Don't forget it.


v     Feel free to play with your tongue, your lips and your breath.



v     Use feet of your partner to serve as your support to carry a back and forth more actively.


v     If your hair is long, play with dragging on the chest of your partner to boost its excitement.



v     Fun posture, affectionate and sensual.


v     Posture for stimulating the clitoris.


v     Body contact is important.



v     Movements are limited.


v     This position requires that both partners are of relatively similar sizes.


v     Not the ideal posture for overweight people who are, or during pregnancy



The position of the frog may carry out many positions such as position of the andromache, the alignment, the tortoise, and the goddess.

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