The Elephant – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Elephant – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


v     The woman lies on her stomach and spreads her legs.


v     The man lies between her thighs and penetrating her with the help of his arm so as not to weigh all his weight on his partner.



v     Straighten up your forearm to penetrate your partner more intense and increasing stimulation.


v     Slide one hand under the belly of your partner and stimulate her clitoris, the excitement will only be more intense.



v     Prop your head against the neck of your partner to make the position more sensual.


v     Camber you more or less to vary the sensations.


v     For the rod of the man be held more firmly and to induce a greater pleasure, an alternative exists: the woman lies on her stomach without legs and man lies down on her legs positioned around his thighs.



v     Section G of the woman is stimulated.


v     Body contact is important.



v     The couple can not watch.


v     The woman has little freedom in movement.



The position of the elephant may carry out many positions such as the spoons position, the bee, the swing, the greyhound.

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