The Butterfly – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Butterfly – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


v     The man sits on the bed, legs slightly apart.


v     The woman sits on him, face to face, guiding the penis into her vagina.


v     Both partners build on their arms and perform rotations basin, each in a different direction.



v     For better maintenance of your partner and strongest movements, block her feet by leaning over.


v     To increase the pleasure of your partner, stimulate the erogenous zones (breasts, clitoris …) with one of your hands.



v     To increase your pleasure (clitoris and vagina) as well as your partner, practice, and more rotations, movements in vertical arching your advantage.


v     Stay attentive to your movements.


v     By tilting back too quickly, you could bend the penis from your partner and make painful following the report.



v     Incentives varied (the vaginal walls, angles of penetration, pelvic rotation …) produces intense feelings.


v     Body contact is important.


v     Face-to-face and posture make this position particularly exciting.



v     Position would require some strength and require a good muscular capacity under penalty of premature exhaustion.


v     Caresses are limited.

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