The Boa – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


 The Boa – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


v     The woman lies on her back.


v     The man stands on the side, puts the legs of his partner over his hips and guides his penis to penetrate it.



v     To ensure that not to diminish pleasure, you should prefer to slow movements to fast movements in this position.


v     Pat with your hands erogenous zones (breasts, buttocks, lower abdomen …) and the sex of your partner during the act to amplify the excitement.



v     Tighten the thighs to compress the penis and your partner makes the sensations more intense.



v     Position is sensual and cuddly.


v     Body contact is important; the pleasure is optimized by compressing the penis into vagina.


v     Ideal position for those corpulent or pregnant women.



v     Movements are limited.


v     Penetration is relatively shallow.


v     The penis may come out of the vagina and reduce the pleasure.



Position boa can respond to many positions such as positions of the stem of the monkey, the anvil, the elephant, and the Amazon.

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