The Bee – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Bee – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position



v     The man sits on the bed, legs slightly apart.


v     The woman sits down on him from behind, guiding the penis into her vagina.



v     For better maintenance, the position can be done sitting back against a wall.


v     To increase the pleasure of your partner stimulate the erogenous zones (breasts, clitoris, …) and caress your lips in the neck.


v     To facilitate the movement and / or amplify, accompany your partner by lifting the thighs and buttocks.



v     To increase the pleasure and stimulation (clitoris, vagina, penis), you lean more or less forward to change the angle of penetration.


v     For the muscles of your thighs is less in demand, you lean forward to balance taking on the calves of your partner.



v     G-spot stimulation for women.


v     Man can reach all parts of the body of his partner and stimulate them with caresses.


v     The woman has great freedom of movement and controls the depth of penetration.



v     Thigh muscles are highly stressed.


v     This position can be quite uncomfortable for man.

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