The Octopus – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Octopus – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position



v     The woman lies on her back.


v     Man kneeling between the legs of his partner, raises the hips and penetrates. The hips and buttocks, resting on the thighs of the man, bend naturally.



v     Depending on how you raise your partner by the hips, the angle and depth of penetration will vary!


v     For more fun, free one of hands on your partner's hips to caress.



v     Surprise your partner by stroking his thighs and erogenous zones.


v     To strengthen feelings, take turn and release the muscles in your vagina.



v     Body contact is important.


v     Face-to-face and posture make this position particularly exciting for both partners.


v     Little binding position and very comfortable.



v     You are too arch, be careful for not to hurt your partner!


v     Movement remains limited and restricted



The position of the octopus can respond to many positions such as the missionary position, oyster, of Indra, the lotus, wheel, Yin & Yang of the moon of tree and the missionary.